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Audio Visual Services

Spark has a wide range of audio visual services to suit almost any project.

Voxpop Films

To truly connect with your customers it is sometimes necessary to get back to the streets and the voice of the people.
With Spark Voxpops you get professionally produced films, shot to the highest standards by trained professionals and
experienced interviewers.These elements combine to make a powerful production which adds real weight and authenticity
to any campaign or project.Voxpops are an invaluable element within any consumer-orientated project and fit well
into other creative and presentation devices to give real credibility.

Marketing Respondent Films

During the course of a market research project a lot of valuable information is collected from consumers in focus
groups interviews, consumer safaris, etc.

At Spark we can take this process a step further by recording this vital information digitally to film or by using your
own recordings made in-house to produce an edit of high-lighted quotes which can be presented back to your client.

The information from these recordings can be invaluable to a project and it’s goals. When presented correctly the
material represents much more than typed up quote in a PowerPoint document.

Mood Films

The power of emotion through film is a well established technique which leaves audiences with a lasting
impression and that can really get the message across.
Mood Films can be made up of stunning images, consumer footage, voxpops, informative presentations
and appropriate music and audio. With close input from the customer Spark carefully tailor-makes a
Mood Film to convey the right take out message for any audience.

Promo Films

Whether you are looking to introduce a new product to the market, role out a new service or generally promote
your business Spark offers a wide range of possibilities for you to connect to your target audience.
Through film, photography and graphic animation Spark provides the medium for any environment. Whether it
be an office in-house display, a public area or a webcast we can craft a production to fit almost any need.

Informational Films

Sometimes all that your customers, employees and the general public need is information.
Whether that be an informative film in the waiting room of a hospital or a web-film circulated within a
company to announce important news Spark delivers professional clear and informative productions.
Choose exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it and we will provide you with the right
tools to make it happen.

Corporate Message

Spreading important information within an organisation or company can be a difficult task. There is sometimes only
a small window of opportunity to get across vital news as quickly and as concisely as possible.
Spark aims to make this process as effective as possible by using cutting-edge technologies, such as web-casting,
intranet videos and event productions. Once the productions have been completed they can then be rolled
out in any manner of ways to reach the target audience(s) wherever they may be.

Graphic Animation

Graphic animation can be an important tool in any production and can even form the entire final product.
With powerful, state-of-the-art computer programs such as After Effects even small scale & budget productions can
achieve a high-level professional look and feel.
Whether you are looking for simple text-based animations for an informational production or more advanced special
effects for a more complex production Spark caters for all aspects of your graphical animation needs.