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Graphic Design Services

From print and logos to digital presentations, websites and apps, Spark has got you covered.

Print Work

Spark offers a wide range of print work ranging from business card designs to leaflets, brochures, booklets and much more.
Whether you are just looking for simple printed materials, such as an invitation, or a more high quality output like a business
card, Spark, in combination with our printing partner, provide a fast and professional service.
Using combinations of innovative and traditional typographical skills Spark offers a complete & affordable design solution
for your business.

Stimulus Materials

During the course of a market research project a lot of valuable information is collected from consumers in focus
groups interviews, consumer safaris, etc.

At Spark we can take this process a step further by recording this vital information digitally to film or by using your
own recordings made in-house to produce an edit of high-lighted quotes which can be presented back to your client.

The information from these recordings can be invaluable to a project and it’s goals. When presented correctly the
material represents much more than typed up quote in a PowerPoint document.

Brand Books

Trying to get across your brand vision to a audience can be a challenge. Words sometimes just aren’t enough.
With a Brand Book you can concisely pinpoint, explain and demonstrate your brand in a number of areas to really
help you bring it to life. These areas can include; details about your target consumers, your company’s attitude
towards current issues and your brand heritage.
With a carefully chosen selection of images fonts and key phrases Spark combines all the information into an
attractively presented book which represents a useful tool in any project.

Branding & Logos

Standing out from the crowd is an essential part of any business. Customers need to identify who you are and what you
stand for in the blink of an eye.
To capture the essence of your company or product in visually powerful branding and logos can be a tricky part of any
start up business. At Spark we aim to accurately & precisely translate your vision in bold, eye-catching designs and layouts.
By truly understanding what your business or product stands for Spark helps you to really make your mark.

Web Design

The internet is one of the most powerful forms of communication in the modern world. Current estimates
are saying we are fast approaching 1 billion websites.
With this vast amount of sites it must remain essential for any business to stand out from the crowd and to
clearly convey their message and information to the rest of the world.
Spark web designs use the most up-to-date technologies in combination with fresh, inspired designs to
keep your business in the heart of the continuing web phenomenon.


‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ – A statement and a product that really speaks for itself. Photography has
always been a key tool in bringing ideas to life and in Spark this philosophy is very much maintained.
Stills photographs can be used in many different ways such as to highlight a new product or service, give exposure
to a new environment such as a bar or office space, create a professional profile picture or capture more detailed
specific areas of your business.
This versatile tool has many applications with which Spark can help harness your creativity.