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Brand activation film

Spark produced a promotional video for Bitmove and Woedend Amsterdam for their client KIA Motors.
The project aimed to promote a giveaway initiative which gave members of the Dutch public a chance to win a custom-made, 3D-printed table football table. For the example table, a local Amsterdam women’s football team, DVVA, was chosen. We filmed these ladies having a 360 3D scan then covered the printing and production of the individual heads for the football teams along with the creation of a customized table. Finally, we filmed the DVVA ladies playing a fierce battle on the table against the KIA Tigers team.

The project was intended to highlight KIA’s sponsorship of the 2017 Women’s European Football tournament and was distributed throughout social media channels.

Art direction - Rupert Britton

Editing - Rupert Britton

Filming - Rupert Britton

KIA - Womens Euro Football - 3D Table Football Promotion

KIA - Womens Euro Football - 3D Table Football Promotion

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