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Brand activation film

Heineken asked us to film an event and capture interviews around their concept of ‘This One Is On Us’, a free water initiative.

Heineken Press Release:
Our products are enjoyed in moderation by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. For approximately a decade, we have used the strength of the global Heineken® brand to make moderate, responsible consumption cool. ‘This one is on us’ is the outcome of Heineken®’s Talent Lab, a hothouse of innovation held at our Amsterdam HQ and attended by top young creative minds from different parts of the world.

We gave them a challenge to come up with an idea that would make moderation cool and inspire the millennial generation to drink responsibly. Their solution was brilliantly simple – a campaign to put water at the heart of every great night.

Launched “en masse” at the Holland Heineken House at the 2016 Rio Olympics, we gave guests a complementary cup that fitted neatly on the neck of their beer bottle. They could fill it with water from a beer-style tap at the bar – on us. Suddenly, rehydrating became a fun part of getting a round in. Who doesn’t enjoy pulling a drink from a beer column? We asked people if they would have water if it was served this way. 92% said yes. We asked them if it would help moderate their drinking. 80% agreed.

In 2017, the idea won the Excellence Award for Health & Wellbeing and the first ‘Nudging For Good’ Awards, held by European Brand Association, AIM. A ‘Nudge for Good’ is how a brand uses consumer insights to make it easy and desirable for people to adopt healthier, more sustainable behaviours. The jury celebrated This One Is On Us, calling it a great case to encourage responsible drinking habits.

The recyclable, re-usable cups are now being rolled out globally across each HEINEKEN office, at Heineken® events and at like-minded venues worldwide. They have already appeared at events in Greece, Brazil and South Korea.

Direction - Rupert Britton

Editing - Rupert Britton

Filming - Ken Wolff



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