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Brand Promos

Zixty, a revolutionary new car insurance provider, asked Spark to create various productions for the lunch of their company. This included animations and films for social media channels, the App Store and brand videos for use on their own website.


'Zixty is car insurance. But not as you know it.

As you know it, insurance can seem opaque, expensive and a bit out of touch with the way things are. With Zixty, insurance is transparent, greener, and a doddle for customers.

With Zixty, you get short-term car insurance and can also do your bit for the environment. That’s because we carbon-offset up to 100 miles of each day’s driving when you take out a policy with us and you opt into free Zixty Miles. Drive safely and show the planet a little love.'

Direction - Rupert Britton

Editing - Rupert Britton



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